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Shawn Deitch

Shawn Deitch is an artist living and working in Carmel, Indiana. She draws inspiration from nature and has a special interest in Indiana wetlands and lakes as well as seasonal landscapes and cityscapes.

Shawn has studied
oil painting with regional and national artists including Jerry Points, Pamela Newell, David Slonim, Wyatt LeGrand, Debra Huse, Albert Handell, and Shelby Keefe.

Artist Statement

Art is a doorway - created by the artist and entered by the viewer. Painting takes me into the world I'm creating; a peaceful morning, an exciting jaunt through the woodlands, exploring wetlands via kayak, or memories of my first car. Art expands my world - and a very colorful world at that! Rich, vivid colors frequently fill my work saturating the painting with emotion.
The great majority of my paintings are alla prima, even the large pieces. I love the satisfaction of beginning and finishing a painting in one day, even if it's a very, very long day. Art brings me joy and hopefully will bring joy to you as well.

Enjoy life - Enjoy Color!